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Google Plus Shutting Down Gradually and Transforming to Google+ Collections

Past few days i heard something about google plus, it may be a rumor or a gossip before it's come out from google as official announcement that google plus will be shut off soon. Its...

How can we forget about the Indian Culture and its Values?

When we started adopting western culture, we subsequently stopped most of our traditional regularities & celebration. Now we follow only a few that to quite famous traditions. Our traditional formalities & rituals which had...

Natural Toothbrush, Neem Twigs Brushing for Gleam Teeth and Strong Gums

In earlier days throughout India and most part of South East Asia, people used Neem twigs as toothbrush. It is one of the traditional way of cleaning the tooth. Neem tree is a medicinal...
tamarind fruit health benefit for your beauty care

8 Unknown Tamarind Beauty Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing

We all know Tamarind Fruit and its uses in our cuisine. With Tamarind Fruit, we make a lot of recipes. Tamarind Fruit pod is a deep brown pulpy fruit used widely in south Asian...

15 Useful Health Facts You should Know about Drinking Water

Why drinking water is so important? Is it really helps to maintain our physical and mental health? How much water do we need to drink per day? Too much of questions are circling...

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