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12 Soft Toys to Shape Your Tiny Babies Joyful Moments

Children are the most wonderful part of everyone’s life. Playing with kids help us in many ways like makes strong family bonding, relieve frustration, helps to get rid of daily stress. Their laugh make...

Facebook Introduced Facebook Lite for Android Devices

Nowadays we never start our day without Facebook, all teenagers are more addictive using facebook, they do chatting, browsing news feeds, connecting to new friends.  Actually there is no age limit, most of the...

24 Reasons to have more Sex, Health Benefits, Do it Today

For years, most of us thought that main motive of sex is to give birth to a child. Sex drive makes people do crazy things. Sex is forbidden from the public talk. Sex should...

Menopause and its effects, Few Tips

Menopause is a stage in women's life when their fertility comes to an end. It occurs at the age of 40 - 50. Ovaries stop producing ovum due to which no monthly period occurs....

Natural Toothbrush, Neem Twigs Brushing for Gleam Teeth and Strong Gums

In earlier days throughout India and most part of South East Asia, people used Neem twigs as toothbrush. It is one of the traditional way of cleaning the tooth. Neem tree is a medicinal...

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