Chandelier gives blossom look on the ceiling. Every house has their own pattern, some houses are build with very modern theme like simple and elegant decor, but some are decorated like palace. Most of the people are very particular about their chandelier design that should match with their pattern, because this blossom touch will give more finishing look to their rooms. Nowadays chandeliers are coming with various design concept which will suitable for any theme.

Crystal Glass models are more likable, because it gives more glitter and rich feel to your living rooms. If you plan to do interior design to your home, chandeliers are unavoidable one. Unusual shapes brings different perspective and moods. Here we shared few models and concepts for your ceiling.

1. Sun Rays Concept Chandelier

Sun-face-rays-concept-ChandelierPhoto credit:

Are you planning to give yellow shade and pleasant feel to your living room?, this could be a right option.

2. Santa Beard Concept ChandelierSanta-Beard-Concept-Chandelier

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Santa Beard is suitable for modern homes, white colored theme goes well with this very well

3. Purple Crystal Floral ChandelierPurple-Crystal-Floral-Chandelier

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Purple is always a rich look color, enhance your living room with better look

4. Blue Blossom Concept ChandelierBlue-Blossom-Concept-Chandelier

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Blue colors are friendly and cool colors, increase the friendliness to your room, it is best choice for your bedroom also

5. Waterfalls Concept Chandelierwaterfalls-concept-Chandelier

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Attractive golden waterfalls concept to experience the more shiny feel in the ceiling

6. Bubble Cherry Concept ChandelierBubble-cherry-concept-Chandelier

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Glossy looks serves more elegant design, these are recommendable for wooden theme homes

7. Banyan Root Concept ChandelierBanyan-root-concept-Chandelier

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Modern homes dining area chandelier, add more ambience for candle light dinner.

8. Wooden Chandeliers Concept ChandelierWooden-chandeliers-concept-Chandelier

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Deer antler chandelier is more peculiar in its design and goes hand in hand with wooden theme homes

9. Galaxy Concept ChandelierGalaxy-Concept-Chandelier

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When you look into the ceiling, the real galaxy is twinkling in behalf of this chandelier

10. Glittering Star Concept Chandelierglittering-star-concept-Chandelier

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Remarkable design, enchanting look makes everyone to adore.