The meaning of Terracotta is cooked earth in Italian language. Most of the people around the world says Terracotta is originated in Italy. But we have proof that Terracotta is originated in ancient India. It is one of the oldest method of making handicrafts. Whatever item made from processing, shaping and burning earthen clay is generally named as Terracotta except the items made from potters wheel( this process is known as pottery). Terracotta has a way back history from where the civilization started. When ancient people started to eat cooked food, and started to built their own shelter slowly civilization emerged. After finding the way to create fire using stones, they started creating more things like cooking utensils, bricks for house, cart, agriculture and hunting tools etc.

They had interesting artistic mind and they loved to decorate themselves. Even now you can find paintings, sculptures, decorative figurines in the place where they dwelled. They decorated themselves using flowers in Stone Age . History of Terracotta starts in Neolithic age, the period when moulding of wet clay is started by hand and then they learnt to do it by using wheel (pottery). Jewellery made by clay was started at this age.

Terracotta jewellery is one of the ancient and easiest way of making jewellery. Quality of this jewellery directly proportional to the clay used because the composition of minerals in the soil differ from place to place. It is easy to make desire shapes and sizes using clay than in metal or wood. Since the trend is now setting back to ancient fashion, people started to like Terracotta jewellery.

Accessories made by terracotta range from necklace, bangles, earrings, pendants, bracelet, etc. Since it is inexpensive and gives an antique appeal, natural beauty; young girls prefer it.
Making jewellery is a very simple process. The wet fine clay is made into desired shapes to make beads of various sizes, mould is used to make different motifs to make pendants, fine details are made by sharp knife or needles. And then sun dried, after that it is kept in a fire kiln to make it stone hard. Now a days people started to use baking oven. This stone hardened clay is then given different colour according to the design, joined together using thread and thus terracotta jewellery has got a final shape.

You can get these jewellery through online. Mostly, people started selling there own product, if you can get directly from them it is much more cheaper. It is also available in most of the arts and craft exhibition.

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