I’m not a researcher or a scientist. I am asking this as a woman.

I would like to start by asking a simple question. Is having a White complexion a necessity?

India is a diverse country, where people of different cultures, religion, linguistics and skin colour live together. Our country is painted in different shades of skin colour. When we, as the citizens of our country feel proud to be an INDIAN, shouldn’t we also be proud of our skin colour?

Teenage girls are the most affected by this. They are made to feel that if their skin colour is not fair, then they are not good enough. Is it ok for us to bring up our daughters with such low self-esteem?

Only when we create the world where our girls don’t hate themselves for their colour or when we stop false praises such as “Even though you’re black, you’re beautiful” there will come a change.

Discrimination based on colour has been happening for a long time. Though, most of us would like to believe different. It still exists through different avenues.

It is believed that the skin colour of a person shows their dominance, power, wealth and status. If they are not of fair, then they are looked down and mistreated.

Nowadays, it has become mandatory for a hopeful bride to mention her complexion on matrimonial sites. If the prospective bride’s complexion is fair, then she is the perfect bride. If not, then your pitiable bride. A girl with dark complexion has a harder time finding a groom compared to a girl with a fairer complexion. It doesn’t stop with that. The girl with dark complexion will also have to face taunts from family and friends which in turn causes physical and mental sufferings.

We all should remember that a bride is a human being and not a thing that can be bought or sold based on its attributes.

We should stop considering “White Bride” as a status symbol.

The cosmetic industry has used this myth to their favor and loaded our markets with lots and lots of fairness creams, skin whitening creams, beauty products, etc. They have started campaigning that beautiful is white and by now they have convinced our lot that it’s the truth.
Is it not the time for us to question these people and get a compensation from them? To stop them from branding beauty as fairness, and from imposing their ideas on the masses.

These products are not even good for our skin or our health. They cause lots of skin diseases, allergies and many other issues. It also leads to serious illnesses like cancer and photosensitivity. Are we not afraid of these side effects?

Is not a duty to ourselves to think about the implications of these products before using them?

The fault does not lie on the doorsteps of the cosmetic industry alone. The endorsers [film stars] are also equally responsible. The people from film industry advertise these cosmetic products when in reality they themselves don’t use those products.

A celebrity is someone who people look up to. So, is it not the moral duty and responsibility of the celebrity to stop promoting ‘White is beauty’.

What defines beauty is not your colour but the way you put forth yourself. Be Bold, Be Strong and Be Self-confident in how you portray yourself.

It has become a myth that ‘beauty is complexion(white)’. Only when we change our attitude towards this, the “WHITE” myth will disappear.

“Dark is Beautiful”.