Food habits of people is changing in India. Most of them are looking for healthy recipes to keep sugar, pressure and cholesterol under control. They have been turning towards millets which can substitute rice and wheat in most of the recipes. Food experts recommend millet as a staple diet due to increase in population, raised food and agricultural cost, scarcity of water, change in life style, increased diseases.

Millets are gluten free and rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates. Little millet is rich in cholesterol, when consumed increases good cholesterol in the body, suitable for growing kids. Little millet strengthens the body. It’s complex carbohydrates digest slowly which is very helpful for diabetic patients.

Little millet is also called as king of cereals because of its rich nutritional and medicinal value. It contains high phosporous. It especially good for people who has low body mass. Few recipes which can be prepared using little millet are Samai Dosai, Samai idli, Samai kichadi, Samai pongal, Samai rice.

Pearl millet is another important cereal to keep you healthy

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