When we started adopting western culture, we subsequently stopped most of our traditional regularities & celebration. Now we follow only a few that to quite famous traditions. Our traditional formalities & rituals which had been followed by our ancestors, had a great influence by other cultures, so as our cooking & food habits.

Ancient religion, culture and tradition are all bound to nature. They knew nature very well and nature as God. Each ancient religion has their own rituals and festivals to follow, which was according to the place, they were living, climate, nature’s gift and threat they experienced. As well they knew what to consume.

Properties of soil is differ from place to place and crops grown in that soil posses nutritional value which is suitable for people live in that region like seasonal foods. This knowledge is passed to next generation. Our grandparents learnt this from their parents and cooked accordingly. But when we started cling to western culture, we moved on from our grandparents life style and their food habits.

Since our lives are globalized and modernized, we started loosening the bond which our ancestors made with nature. You could say that our life span has been increased and found medicines for most of the deadly disease which is true but it keep us on medication for the rest of our life.

We have to follow our ancestors foot steps not only on life ethics but also in food habits to keep ourselves and our next generation healthier.

Photo Credit: Ponsakthi Photography