Some people lose weight easily without any severe diet and exercise. But for some it’s a dream; whatever they do they can’t shed a single pound of weight. And some are so lazy, not ready to do any work out still wish to lose weight.

Here are some tips for the ones who really wish to reduce body weight:

  • For breakfast have high protein diet which reduces your insulin level. Insulin prevents the burning of fat. When insulin is high, metabolism rate of fat is low. If we eat high protein and low carb diet, then obviously insulin secretion reduces which triggers the fat metabolism.
  • Avoid carbonated drinks and sugary juices. This only gives extra empty calories with no/less nutritional value in it.
  • When comes to weight loss coffee is the best beverage. Coffee triggers metabolism rate to some extent and suppresses the appetite. If you can’t consume without sugar, add a little.
    Water plays a key role in reducing weight. Drink ½ litre of water before a meal. This makes you feel full and eats less. Drinking water is good, it eliminates waste from our body and aids in proper digestion.
  • Plan/Choose your meal before you eat. Look for low carb, rich fibre meal which makes the digestion process slower, helps you feel fuller for a long time.
    Don’t go for processed or ready to eat food. These food contain lots of fat which is difficult to digest.
  • Choose whole unprocessed food for a meal as it doesn’t have any added fats or oils. Whole food makes you feel full and reduces food craving.
  • Keep on saying that you want to reduce your weight to yourself, automatically and unknowingly you will reduce the food intake and don’t crave for anything.
  • Take time to eat, chew nicely and swallow. Fast eaters eat more calories. Actually chewing makes the brain to release a certain hormone which suppresses the hunger.
  • Cook your own food, as everyone says we will be very cautioned and cut down high calorie & fat content items in our meal. The general psychology is when we cook we smell the food. Our brain gets tricked that we are eating the food but we are only smelling the food which ends in less food intake.

Let’s find 4 Drinks for weight loss below

1. Lemon water

Add half of lemon in warm water with some salt. Lemon is a natural antioxidant and it slightly increases the metabolism. When your usual beverage(coffee/tea) is replaced by lemon water, you could reduce up to 200 calories/day. Lemon water doesn’t play an active part in weight loss, it plays an active part in boosting your metabolism.

2. Cinnamon tea

Add 2 sticks of cinnamon in a cup. Fill the cup with hot water and steep for 15 minutes. Now add 2 tsp of pure honey to it. Drink this mixture two times a day. Cinnamaldehyde is a bioactive component in cinnamon which regulates blood sugar and prevents the body from storing fat.

3. Cumin tea

Everyone knows cumin has lots of health benefits like improving digestion process, cures digestive tract ulcers, anaemia, increase immunity power, aids in lactation, cures piles etc. But what most of us don’t know is cumin seeds play a vital role in weight loss. Add cumin to your everyday meal in any form. Here is a recipe for cumin tea which maximizes the effort of weight loss besides your other weight loss routines.

Cumin Tea Preparation:

  • Take a Tbsp of cumin seeds and soak in one cup of water overnight.
  • In the morning, boil the water along with the seeds
  • Strain the water, add 2 tsp of lemon juice in it.
  • For sweetness add honey/jaggery/palm sugar (panakarkandu in Tamil (பனங்கற்கண்டு))

Drink this first in the morning and see the change in one month.

4. Pepper Lemon Water

Black pepper increases the metabolism rate and also reduces food cravings to a certain level. Add pepper powder to lemon water or take it in hot water in empty stomach.

Above said drinks are not miracle drinks to lose weight instantly. It boosts the ability to burn fat and helps in reducing weight slowly provided you reduce the calorie/day to 30% and your food cravings.