Since long back we heard that vegetables and fruits are the source of vitamins and minerals. It can reduce the free radicals in our body which is the underlying cause of many diseases. Reduces the risk of chronic disease, heart disease, cancer, hypertension, cholesterol. The high fiber content in fruits and vegetables aids in smooth working of gastro-intestinal tract. It supplies required vitamins and minerals for our body; keeps us healthy and glow. Antioxidant property keeps much disease away from our body. According to Australian scientific research, study shows that five serving of vegetable and two serving of fruits should be taken each day. of course it was, but are you really sure? its a big story to discuss let’s begin here.

The above said things are true and should follow a balanced diet which has lots of fruits and vegetables in it.  We all know that eating vegetables and fruits is good for health but consuming hazardous chemicals along with that as in form of pesticide, fungicide, herbicide is good for health? Government has certain regulation in using these chemicals on food crop but most of the time they don’t strictly check it. So its easy for farmers to add more fertilizers and pesticides to the crop. Most of the farmers are illiterate and don’t have the knowledge of health hazards by using these chemicals. They only see the profit and loss calculation. Poor farmers can’t manage any loss in agriculture if anything goes wrong, meanwhile in big industry they are more into concentrate on their stocks. This makes them to add lot more chemicals to avoid crop damage.

Besides the fertilizer and pesticides, vegetables and fruits goes under certain treatment to increase its shelf life which can also helps in reduction of mass food production. By this process seasonal fruits can be available all the time but debate is going on between scientist and social activist regarding the nutritional value, taste, health problems by storing for a long period of time. Add to that wholesalers apply certain other chemicals to make fruits and vegetables keep looks more fresh. Cabbage and cauliflowers are plunged in 2-3 levels of pesticide to keep away from the worms. Petroleum oil is used to attain gloss look in vegetables like tomatoes. Petroleum oil causes respiratory and gastrointestinal problems. it means lungs will be suffered because of it.

Chemicals are used in fruits and vegetables to give them more color and give farm fresh look are mainly used for dyeing purpose which causes more damage to our vital organs like heart, kidney, brain. These chemicals are highly toxic and have carcinogenic property.

Erythrosine B

It is a coloring agent gives green color used mild amount in sweets, cake decorative products, candies etc.  We take sweets and candy in very moderate amount; and also used as printing dye. It doesn’t have any serious effect and the amount used is also very little. The chemical used to give watermelon the bright red color. Vendors simply buy this chemical mix it with water and inject it to the melon. We all think that bright red more crunchy and sweet. This tends the vendors to add dye color to the fruit. But don’t believe what you see.


 Effects on health

  1. Iodine content of erythrosine B affects the thyroid gland results in thyroid tumor
  2. Hyperactivity in children
  3. Genotoxic ability (compound which affect the genetic material of normal cell to cause cancer) increases the risk of cancer.

OMG! how to find the perfect watermelon for me? its really hard unless you are the scientist who test everything before eat.

Malachite green

Malachite green is a green color textile dye. It is used in green peas and chillies to give a bright and fresh look. Peas are soaked in this colored dye and the packed for sale. When a packed peas were boiled, the water color change to green. No matter how many times you replace the water and cook you will get that color in water and peas still retain some of this dye by itself. Now a day you could see green chillies as bright as ever this is because of malachite green.


Effects on health

  1. Malachite green is neurotoxin chemical affects the brain causing brain disease such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia.
  2. It increases ageing process by damaging the work capacity and lifespan of our body cells.
  3. Causes neural disorders in humans.

Remember some green will hurts.

Copper sulphate

Generally copper sulphate is known as Blue Vitriol. It is blue in color and has its use in many industrial sectors. It is pesticide and used in agricultural sector. Exposure to this chemical is hazardous, precaution must be taken while using this pesticide. Nausea and vomiting occurs if the person is exposed to this chemical in any way. Pesticide is used to kill bacteria, fungi, wines, snails by attaching itself to the protein content of the body cells causes to deteriorate instantly. When a person is exposed to this pesticide it reaches the bloodstream through digestive or respiratory tract, gets itself attached to the cell protein travels the whole body and settles. Copper sulphate is mainly excreted through urine and feces. Liver excretes copper sulphate from the body by breaking it down but in excess amount it damages the liver. Lady’s finger and most of the guard varieties are washed in copper sulphate after cultivation for long shelf life.


Effects on health

  1. Damages the blood cells by attaching itself to protein content of the cell.
  2. Harm body tissues by settling on it.
  3. Causes liver and kidney damage if consumed excessively.
  4. The risk of kidney cancer is increased.
  5. Exposure for a prolonged time causes infertility in both men and women.
  6. Causes free radicals in the body which speeds up the ageing process.

This lady’s finger is not too soft, she must be devil.

Rhodamine B

Rhodamine B is a bright red color fluorescent dye used in markers. It is used in candies and cake making industry to give red color to the food. Rhodamine B is a pesticide used for agricultural purpose. This gives bright color to cherries.


Effects on health

  1. Skin irritant (causes burning sensation in exposed parts of the body).
  2. Genotoxicant causes cancer.
  3. Prolonged exposure results in kidney failure and cell mutation.

Cherry berry, go away from me hurry!.

Carbide stone/gas

Calcium carbide is a chemical compound which is used in ripening of fruits like pineapple, papaya, guava, banana and mango. Mango is seasonal fruit and it’s demand is so high which induce the farmers to cultivate mango before ripening occurs naturally. Vendors who buy these fruits large number use substance like calcium carbide to ripen the fruit artificially. Calcium carbide when reacts with water releases acetylene gas as a end product. Acetylene gas when comes in contact with skin of fruits the color changes from green to yellow. Fruit ripening is a natural process in which fruits undergo loads of bio chemical reaction inside it and slowly ripening occurs. This gives the fruit its natural flavor, color, taste along with natural vitamins and minerals, antioxidants etc. When ripened artificially the color is change, biochemical reactions are not completed yet which results in premature unripe tasteless, flavourless fruit with low vitamins and minerals and less antioxidant property. Plucking unripe fruits and ripening at home was practiced by our ancestors. Usually fruits are kept inside the grain storage container for ripening it traps the ethylene gas released by fruits and makes the ripening process quicker. Using chemicals like calcium carbide releases acetylene gas which has hazardous effects on health. Fruits ripened using calcium gas also has traces of arsenic, phosphorous.


Effects on health

  1. Allergies, Arthritis (joint inflammation and other joint related problem).
  2. Causes Heart disease Stroke
  3. Carcinogen (cancer causing agent).
  4. Increases free radicals in the body.
  5. Risk of miscarriage in pregnant women and developmental abnormalities in child
  6. Headache, less sleep, nausea, memory loss, neural problems etc.

I was in love with mango, should break it up now.

What we have to do – the caution effort

Taking into account the wide use of these chemicals in food industry  totally avoiding it is impossible.  But reducing the amount of consumption and rule out certain foods in diet somewhat helps you.  Certain measures which we can take to prevent us from consuming these chemicals are

  1. Avoid unseasonal foods, try maximum to use seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  2. Wash fruits and vegetables before usage. Keeping it under running water for few minutes helps to wash away most of the chemicals. Due to water scarcity this is not possible in every house so use vinegar to wash. Take large basin pour water and a cupful of vinegar to it. Add fruits and vegetables soak for 5-10 mins. Take off the fruits and vegetables and  wipe it before use. This method is helpful to remove most of the toxins from it. In case fruits like apples which have wax coat over it use warm water.
  3. Buy fruits and veggies from known local vendor who only has seasonal foods not from supermarket which do lots of things to increase the shelf life.
  4. Buy unripe fruits and ripe naturally at home.
  5. While using vegetables like cabbage peel two to three layers of its leaf and use as most of the pesticide are on the outer surface.
  6. Before slicing fruits or vegetables remove the skin and then slice/dice it.
  7. Don’t go for fruits or veggies which are shiny.
  8. If you can identify food color in the product don’t buy it.
  9. Have your own organic kitchen garden at least you could have few vegetables and fruits which are organic. If you don’t have back yard try growing plants in pots. You can use unwanted thing like plastic bottle or tub to grow plants as a part of cost effective measure.
  10. Test fruits for artificial ripening by soaking it in plain water, if it floats then it is confirmed that ripened artificially
Here there is no conclusion happens that all veggies are not good at all. but this is profit oriented business all over the world. so no one ever cares about human health since all have became business. So be aware what you eat and what you feed your children.