Scientist thought coelacanth fish is extinct along with dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Discovery of coelacanth fish in Western Indian Ocean (1938) shows that it is not an extinct species but a rare one. Before that only fossils of coelacanth Fish was found. Now it is under endangered species. Number of living coelacanth fish in unknown believed to be nearly 1000.

Some scientists say that it is a primitive creature in the evolution of living beings from fish to mammals. It resembles close to the prehistoric fish which has evolved into mammals. Scientist thought that it is been living only in western Indian Ocean, near comoros island along South Africa sea shore. But after many years another coelacanth fish was captured in Indonesia but a different species. It is said to be been in other coastal areas also. Deep sea divers found some along the shore of Madagascar.

According to the fossil finding, coelacanth fish is a wide set of about 90 species lived across the world. Among only two live species has been found. They lived in both fresh and sea waters. Coelacanth fish has unique structure compared to any other present day fish. Specific feature is that it’s paired lobe fins which is expanded away from the body as limbs, joined internally by bones.

Evolution of living being is said to be from fish to mammals. Certain fish fossils proves this theory. Their fins were transformed into limbs, thus they can evolve both in water and land; named as amphibians. From amphibians reptiles evolved, and from reptiles mammals has evolved. Coelacanth’s unique features resembles closely to that of prehistoric fish but one thing scientist doesn’t know and has lots of question about how it evolved all these times.

Coelacanth fIsh was under cryptid organism before the findings. When it was captured in Indian Ocean first, most the scientist didn’t accept it as coelacanth. After the second finding they confirmed it. A fully grown coelacanth weighs approximately around 90 kg and measures up to 6 ft.