Dining room is a place where food is served. In earlier days it was a separate room with long table and chair. Food was served only after each and everyone from that family is present. At least twice a day all members gather to have food and chat about there daily activities. Dining table was usually a long rectangular table with more than ten chairs. Long oval shape table was also widely used. Dining room furniture shows the status of the family in society. In Royal families, dining table is usually a long one with lot of chairs. Furniture chosen along with decorative lights, storage units, side table show the royals prestige.
Due to space restriction, modern day dining room has been changed. To utilize the space available the size of the dining table is shrunken to 4 seater and 6 seater. Modern day dining room furniture look simple and elegant. Each furniture company shows variant in their furniture. Glass top dining table, expandable  dining table are one of the kinds.

Here are some trending Dining Table Models for your dining room

1. Arabia Expandable dining table

Expandable dining table is most convenient than any other dining table. In its usual shape it is 4 seater table and can be expanded to 6 seater if needed. Space around the table can be utilized usefully.

Seller: Urban Ladder

Arabia_Expandable_Dining_Table_Teak_02_IMG_0025 Arabia_Expandable_Dining_Table_Teak_06_IMG_0007_2_Combined_Reverse

2. Skyline Finn 4 Seater Dining Set

Skyline Finn 4 seater dining set perfectly suits modern house. It goes well with new trendy decor.

Seller: @home


3. Maya Six Seater Dining Table

Maya 6 seater dining table gives a traditional and elegant look to your house

Seller: PepperFry


4.Café 4 Seater Glass Top Dining Table Set

Cafe dining table set is suitable for small dining room. It is suitable for dining room along with kitchen or living room. Once used the chairs can be slides into the table so that the chair space is free for you to use. Most effective space usage.

Seller: Woodys Furniture


5. Fab Home Federal Six Seater Dining Table

Walnut colored dining table with glaze Matt finish gives a rich look and goes well with any decor.

Seller: Fab Furnish


6. Dream Furniture Teak Wood 8 Seater

Teak wood with 8 seater dining table establish sophisticated feel from its royal look and wonderful design.

Seller: SnapdealDream-Furniture-Teak-Wood-8-SDL625660385-1-4919a

7. Fendi Six Seater Dining Set

Trending design with cushion chairs, glass top table. Graceful and stylish look adds as main part in home decor.

Seller: Pepper Fryfendi-six-seater-dining-set--1-t---6-c--by-looking-good-furniture-fendi-six-seater-dining-set--1-t---k2idde


8. Bliss Marble Top Six Seater Dining Table

Marble top dining table made from rubber wood. Solid wood structure gives long durability with 4 cushion chairs and a bench.

Seller: Pepper Frybliss-marble-top-six-seater-dining-table-by-hometown-bliss-marble-top-six-seater-dining-table-by-hom-ipoefg

9. Costa Six Seater Dining Set

Costa six seater dining table has got a appealing trendy look.

Seller: Pepper FryCosta-Six-Seater-Dining-Set

10. HomeTown Leon Dining Table

Contrast design of glass and walnut finish wood in table along with cushioned chair gives sophisticated feel for dining.

Seller: Fab Furnishhometown-4197-745791-1-zoom