Most awaited Android version 6.0 named Marshmallow update will be rolled out anytime from now (5th October 2015) to nexus devices and the latest release of nexus 5X and 6P.

The new version brings various features like smart Assistance, more iconic look, smart battery life and of course with new google brand updates.

Especially nexus 5X and 6P have fingerprint authentication to unlock the device which apple iPhone 6 had earlier.

Android 5.0 was a great update since it has a complete chance on the design, icons and features to transform your phone to elegant and faster. but I don’t think Android Marshmallow (Android M) has that huge update, but any way we can find some features which will keep us happy still, the security level update, better web experience, text selection and copy-paste feature update, dark theme and improvement on rotating screen view.

All other leading brands Android smartphone user will get this update earlier in 2016. Make sure your phone is eligible to get this update.