Nowadays we never start our day without Facebook, all teenagers are more addictive using facebook, they do chatting, browsing news feeds, connecting to new friends.  Actually there is no age limit, most of the people are always stuck with facebook. even they forget their work or study. More than a billion users accessing facebook through website and mobile applications. Most of the teenagers access facebook using their smart phone apps.

Still in few countries like India, and Philippines have very low internet speed, in this case they have trouble to use facebook everyday. Mobile internet cost is not really affordable to them. This leads few millions of people have issue to accessing facebook everyday.

Now facebook comes with the solution for them who have really stuck to use facebook for lack of internet.

Facebook Introduced new mobile App called “Facebook Lite”, and the size is only 0.43 MB. and it’s compatible with any network like Edge, 2G, 3G, 4G. It will support all low end devices and smartphones as well. By offering lightweight apps to people who are really stuck with their internet speed facebook will attract more million people to access their site everyday. New marketing strategy to bring more people to visit facebook everyday.

Checkout the facebook lite screenshot below


Download & Install Facebook Lite