The technology inventor Apple inc conducted Special event at San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium today (September 9, 2015). Every year they comes with latest inventory or upgrades their old products. Until Steve Jobs, Apple event have more revolutionary updates in tech industry, but after Jobs there is some lack in fixing things. But not really, today event brings with some vision like Jobs had.

Today Apple announces various upgrades and invention as usual they do, they come up with iPad Pro with latest tool called Apple Pencil (iPencil); a beautiful technology for the people who works in design and marketing industry. So i guess we can expect more from Apple hereafter like what we had when Jobs with us.

Now few Short notes from Apple announcement in today’s event

iWatch & watchOS

In 2014 Apple CEO Tim Cook Announces about Apple Watch on Special event, from April 2015 apple watches are available for purchase. Today Apple Announces WatchOS 2 with better user interactivity, more theme faces and updated Siri.

iWatch available in 2 different dimensions 1.5 in and 1.7 in respectively with various stylish look.

iPad Pro

Since iPad was introduced this is the fourth model, iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air now iPad Pro. There is so many thing have included in this product like screen resolution, hardware upgrade and software upgrade, but really not much except iPencil.


Hero of today’s event is iPencil. iPencil is extraordinary product which really gonna help to enthusiastic guys. The engineering under this product is really awesome, iPad scans each and every pixel of iPencil impressions to gives more accurate output. Even its advanced scanning technology scan the way you press the iPencil. You can draw like professional using this iPencil. The new technology give more effective output of line curves think to dark or sliced line this is pretty awesome. iPencil also can work like mouse in iPad.

itv & tvOS

In 2006 September 12, Apple announced about itv which is on under process, they have started taking Pre-Orders for Apple tv from January 9, 2007. Since then Apple tv played some role in various living rooms. September 1, 2012 Apple releases second generation of itv with small size black case ¼ size of original case.

Today Apple Announces tvOS which comes with awesome user interface. Siri technology will helps to find apps, locations, movies, songs shows or anything like what she doing in all other Apple OS. Touch remote ease all your complication from other smart tv’s.

iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus

Last but not least, iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S plus are the new upgrade from Apple for iPhone Series. These are two different dimensions like 4.7 in and 5.5 inches respectively. There is no big difference from iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, seems design of new product is really similar from old one, but bit change in hardwares and camera resolution like 12 MP iSight camera, 5 MP FaceTime Camera for better selfies and 4K video recording it means 8 Million pixel in each frames to take very accurate video visuals.

3D Touch

The huge update in iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus is 3D Touch, this is new kind of navigation format to use all apple is single hold touch. When you do long touch in any apps it will shows you shortcut list to handle all without open any apps, this will helps to read and reply emails, view photos, play videos and navigate anything.

But “One Last thing” was missing in this event, but iPencil filled the expectation of people who really crazy about gadgets like me.