Google has new look today

Google was started 17 years ago as a small website with some concept which was rejected by many people. Larry Page decided to start google as their own and started, now google became unbeatable giant in web industry.

past 17 years google have changed their logo in many ways like embedded, big shadow, little emboss, little shadow and flat, but today they have changed the complete look and feel. Lighten color, San serif font and 4 dots for the way they process all.


But why do they need to change the logo and look and feel now? is this purpose? may be. But the conclusion is simple. When it’s new it’s glitter more.

Google inaugurated the Alphabets inc which will be the parent company for all google companies and products. Larry page appointed Sundar Pichai as a new CEO of Google and Larry page will be the CEO of parent company.

Pichai gave so much contribution to the company earlier to improve everything when he was the Product Chief, since he started as CEO of the company he must take some decision to evolve the company.

Today they have change the process and look as modern way. All other products from google also changed the “G” to New logo, like google maps, google plus, and so. Google authenticator has same “G” since they launched the app, who knows they may have idea to change the logo to san-serif earlier.

Anyway every evolution brings more magic, let see how google deliver the magic in future.

Watch the Video for Google new Logo