Past few days i heard something about google plus, it may be a rumor or a gossip before it’s come out from google as official announcement that google plus will be shut off soon.

Its not surprising since we knew what happened to Google Buzz and Google wave

But i think no one cares about it, even they may waiting for that news. Why? is google plus not kept you happy? or is there a lack of features? lets have a small time travel.

Around 9 years back my friend introduced few features of internet and web sites like gmail, orkut, torrents, yahoo groups and so. He created one gmail id for me and asked me to use it; for orkut sign up. I was really surprised that we can interact friends everyday through websites by sharing photos, and writing scraps, creating communities to have look about some topics, and writing testimonials to anyone.

I remember my first mail id was from yahoo 2-3 years before was gmail ID created. Even I don’t know what is email and why do we need that while i sign up yahoo mail, it was created by my close friend’s elder brother and he told me that “mail id’s are most important thing today because all employers are using emails only to send notification for job opening and you should keep trace them and reply back through emails only” even i doesn’t know how to operate PC itself, but all my crush was pushed towards computer, because each and everyday its features surprised me.

Back to orkut, when i created the Orkut account i don’t have internet in my home, because that facility was too far from my home location and it was expensive which is too hard to manage to pay internet bill every month. So we used to login Orkut by using internet cafe’s. Internet cafe’s were very busy those days, that was very big business in most of the cities.

Me and my friends were keep writing scraps and sharing photos through orkut it was exciting. According to the stats in 2004, 51.36% american were used Orkut and it decreased to 3.3% on 2014, because orkut was not fully focused on their feature upgrade, in between facebook gradually raised his hands, and everyone slowly started moving to facebook. After acquired by Google every one were had more expectation that some huge upgrade will going to happen in orkut. But nothing were happened apart from gtalk  and blogger integration. Still stats told that Brazil and India were top 2 countries using orkut 53.5%, 18.4% respectively. But google forgot to keep them as it is.

Facebook comes with elegant design and chat facility. They also introduced online games which can be played through facebook login only. All teenagers were addicted to playing games through facebook. Even i had 4-5 account on facebook for requesting and receiving lives for games to further continuation. But now i forgot everything except my original account.

Facebook connect which was another big shot from facebook which runs as OpenID concept. Facebook user can sign in anywhere using facebook login.

Google failed to hold their user on orkut, and they started developing google plus later with various features. Really don’t understand why google had acquired orkut? why they didn’t add more features in orkut instead creating google plus as a separate social network site.

Did google plus fulfilled the user’s expectation? absolutely not, it was really odd to interact with. Instead Google started migrating few of their products called local business, photos to force user to use google plus, even youtube also required google plus login to post comments and creating channels later. This blatantly shows google is really stuck to  know how to beat facebook.  Users never had a happy feelings after Google introduce any new features introduced for google plus and the design is exposing everything as magnified view.

Few weeks back google announces google plus photos will be no more and google photos will replaces it; and couple of days back youtube announced no more google plus interaction while submitting comments on any video, Source: YouTube Blog.

All these leads to shut off the google plus or changing name to google communities, Google plus now slowly transforming to google plus communities which is a new feature!? introduced by google a couple of months back. Investing million dollars and simply shutting off for some reason is really a wonder.

My opinion is instead of putting all focus to google plus they should have planned to upgrade orkut and keep their users as it was.